CitiIQ is working to become the global standard for measuring the health and wellbeing of cities, communities and towns.


CitiIQ has created a comprehensive system that objectively measures the overall health and wellbeing of a city. Employing evidence-based methodology, the CitiIQ diagnostic tool informs human-centric design and helps a city, community or town reach its full potential.

Working to become the global standard for city measurement, CitiIQ encompasses the economic, social and environmental infrastructures of a city. This is accomplished through a diagnostic tool comprised of 35 Considerations (areas of concern), within 5 Dimensions (priority levels), that are based on data driven by over 120 Indicators (measurements).

The CitiIQ algorithm normalizes scores out of 100 and weights through non-linear aggregation to provide a meaningful, comparable view by Consideration, Dimension and the City as a whole.

CitiIQ is offered through a cloud-based license to those interested in a city in order to:

  •  assess its strengths and weaknesses
  •  build consensus and set goals for improvement
  •  mark progress toward objectives
  •  report to stakeholders

Blyth Group is a Family Office that places financial and human capital behind ideas with global impact. It provides strategic advisory and mediation services to select international clients. Blyth is a founding partner of CitiIQ operating from Toronto, Canada.

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Synergine provides innovative, transformational and enduring solutions to the challenges faced by cities and communities through a depth of world class technical expertise. Specialists in understanding the convergence of economic, environmental, social and cultural considerations of  cities, Synergine uses  a true multidisciplinary approach to the design of a more liveable, just and sustainable future for its global client base. Synergine is a founding partner of CitiIQ and operates from Auckland, New Zealand. 


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