The CitiIQ Measurement System


CitiIQ is a proprietary diagnostic tool that objectively measures the social, environmental and economic infrastructure of a city, community or town. The framework scores a city on 35 Considerations (areas of concern), within 5 Dimensions (priority levels), based on data driven by over 120 Indicators (measurements).   The CitiIQ algorithm normalizes scores out of 100 and weights through non-linear aggregation to provide a meaningful, comparable view of each Consideration, Dimension and the City as a whole.


CitiIQ employs an evidence-based methodology enabling decision makers to objectively:

  • assess the strengths and weaknesses of a city
  • build consensus and set goals for improvement
  • mark progress toward objectives
  • report to stakeholders

While subject to the availability of data, CitiIQ is designed to be applicable to any city or community across the globe, contributing effective insight for decision makers and stakeholders.